Thursday, March 10, 2011

ObWheel Update

New v6.0

  • -Fixed "null" display of notes when there is no notes data.
  • -Notes area will now be displayed if notes are present in database.
  • -Code tune-up for more efficient passing of data.
  • -Updated translations.
  • -Updated Help
  • -Backup Preferences to Android Cloud Backup service (limited to Pro version and Android >v2.2)
  • -"Relevant labs" data with free plugin. (Pro only)
  • -Android Market Licensing for Pro version
  • -Custom rearranging of main interface layout! (Pro version)


  1. I love the detail of this app. Is there anyway to automatically update the gestational age daily. I have many obstetrical patients and having to individually update the gestational ages for each patient would be very tedious.

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