Ob Wheel changelog

Update v7.1 (2011-10-09)
  • -Danish translation (thanks to Anne Mette Tonning).
  • -Unlocked orientation -- landscape mode enabed.
  • -Bug fix - Corrected FC on database export.
  • -Bug fix - corrected FC on startup for some devices.
  • -Updated some translations.

v7.0 (2011-10-09)
  • -Fixed back button behavior, to be more intuitive, after loading patient info.
  • -Bug fix - Fixed FC on saving after upgrade from v6.4. Sorry it took me so long to find this!
  • -Updated database for Delivery Date entry.
  • -NEW FEATURE! - Delivery Date entry: Press the MENU button to enter date of delivery. Touch the "Delivered" label to toggle show/hide gestational age at time of delivery.

v6.6 (2011-08-18)
  • -Bug fix - Prevent calculation when canceling calendar dialog.
  • -Bug fix - Fixed EDC error when loading saved patients.
  • -Bug fix - Fixed Ultrasound date saving method *(you may have to re-enter the ultrasound data if you saved patients with u/s data).

v6.5 (2011-08-03)
  • -Removed support for built-in Android date picker (Calendar-style date picker is quicker and more intuitive.)
  • -Added ability to save ultrasound exam data.
  • -Added ability to load saved ultrasound exam data.
  • -Added confirmation dialog when updating patient data.

v6.4 (2011-07-24)
  • -[pro] Fixed XML import FC of records with empty "note" fields.
  • -Corrected XML export file naming.
  • -Updated icons for app and live folders.
  • -Enabled TIMEMACHINE function for free version.

v6.3 (2011-07-09)
  • -[pro] Removed license-checking code for now.
  • -New notes entry method (dialog box).
  • -Set gestational age as default view for patient list.

v6.2 (2011-06-15)
  • -Updated French translation.
  • -Changed default row order to be more intuitive.
  • -[pro] Auto restart after changing row order in preferences.

v6.1 (2011-03-14)
  • -Updated translations.
  • -Added Localytics (needs Network connection, so only in Free version)
  • -Fixed persistent "Indefinite Progress" animation in Free version.

  • -Fixed FC bug when calculating data without Ob Wheel Extras installed.
  • -Fixed FC bug when calculating data after upgrading Ob Wheel Extras to 2.0 without opening Extras app.
  • -Fixed OI File Manager file import bug.

v6.01 (2011-03-13)
  • -Fixed force-close bug when entering date into TimeMachine using the Android date picker.

v6.0 (2011-03-10)
  • -Fixed "null" display of notes when there is no notes data.
  • -Notes area will now be displayed if notes are present in database.
  • -Code tune-up for more efficient passing of data.
  • -Updated translations.
  • -Updated Help
  • -Backup Preferences to Android Cloud Backup service (limited to Pro version and Android >v2.2)
  • -[pro] "Relevant labs" data with free plugin.
  • -[pro[ Android Market Licensing
  • -[pro] Custom rearranging of main interface layout!

v5.6.1 (2011-02-20)
  • -Fixed "null" display of notes when there is no notes data.
  • -Added partial French translations

v5.6 (2011-02-11)
  • -Fixed force-close bug when loading patient data that was saved in previous versions of the app.

v5.5 (2011-02-09)
  • -Notes! - You can now enter free-hand notes to be saved with patient data.
  • -Added preference to disable most Toast notifications.

v5.4 (2011-01-31)
  • -Bug Fix for Patient List scrolling bug
  • -Other improvements to Patient List view

v5.3 (2011-01-26)
  • -Improved xml Export
  • -Data Import! (Pro version)
  • -Added input validation for font size preference
  • -List font size preference
  • -More settings for patient list view

  • -Customizable date format for Patient List view
  • -Translation in Hebrew! (Rachel Egleston)
  • -New "TIMEMACHINE" function (Pro version only) = "How many weeks will patient be on xxxx date?" and "When will patient be xx weeks gestation?"
  • -Cleaned up unused strings and functions

  • -Fixed dual-install problem
  • -Export data to SD card! (No data import yet - coming soon)

  • -Pro version is now available! Get it in Android Market
  • -Removed "Old Layout"
  • -Trimmed down resource strings

v4.9 (internal)
  • -Code restructuring (main code is a library) for Free and Pro version
  • -Implemented Ads (Admob) for Free version

v4.8 (internal)
  • -Localization in Polish! (Rafa┼é Bach├│rzewski)

  • -Preparation for AdMob in-app advertisements
  • -Localization in Russian! (Nariman Akhmadeyev)

  • -Bugfixes for Reset action
  • -Localization in Portuguese! (Walter Ribeiro de Oliveira)
  • -(Partial) Localization in Japanese! (Quartertone)

  • -Improved LiveFolder function. Long-press in your home screen to add.
  • -Partial Localization in Spanish! (Sergio Carmona)

  • -Added LiveFolder functionality. Long-press in your home screen to add.
  • -Added patient updating function.
  • -Added buttons for save/reset/list.
  • -Changed to SQLite database for storage.

  • -Fixed an off-by-one-day error when using the grid calendar. Sorry!
  • -Added quick start help - display on first install.
  • -Colorize cycle/luteal length labels when values are changed from default.
  • -Added instructions for gestational age input.
  • -Added Ultrasound margin of error info

  • -Added gestational ages to patient list view.
  • -Fixed Today button in grid calendar.
  • -(Slightly) faster grid calendar display.
  • -Bigger date squares in grid calendar.
  • -Removed "Please donate" nag on startup.
  • -Adjustable Cycle length & Luteal phase length! Touch the row labels to reset these to their default values.

  • -More preferences options!
  • -Toggle old/new layout.
  • -Customizable font size for labels and calculation output texts.

  • -Fix an error when using old-style popup calendar dialogs.

  • -Fix orientation in "portrait" mode again.

  • -New layout - Bigger text, fewer buttons, better features. Touch text areas to input the dates.
  • -New Date input method - Date selection by grid/calendar. (You can go back to the standard Android date picker by setting it in your Preferences.)

  • -Patient Tracker improved - now with sort function!
  • -New Date input method - Touch the text output area to try it out.
  • -Now with less nagging! "Don't Nag Me" option now disables the Help/Donate dialog

  • -Patient Tracker is finally here! See help page for more information.
  • -Improved resize code
  • -Added Reset button.
  • -Compatibility with small-screen devices.

  • -Toggle date of conception.
  • -Toggle full screen mode.
  • -Option to disable Donation nag text.